Time to Clean: Identifying When Your Aircon Needs Chemical Wash

Your air conditioner works hard to keep you cool. But just like anything else, it gets dirty over time. A chemical wash is a deep clean for your aircon unit. It takes about 30-40 minutes for each part of the unit, or up to an hour if it needs a full overhaul.

When your aircon starts to leak water, blows warm air instead of cold, or smells bad, it might be time for this clean-up. Regular cleaning has many perks such as cleaner air in your home and a longer-lasting unit which saves energy and money too! Experts even say that doing this can stop parts inside from icing up and avoid nasty things like mold growing where they shouldn’t.

Think of it as giving your AC a refreshing spa day – it will thank you by working better and keeping you comfy without using so much electricity. Let’s find out how to tell when your cooler friend needs some care.

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Understanding the Process of Aircon Chemical Cleaning

After learning why keeping your aircon clean is essential, let’s dive into how a chemical cleaning works. During an aircon chemical wash, technicians disassemble the unit to get deep inside.

They carefully check for any damage or dirt build-up that could cause problems. All the key components, like the fan coils and air filters, are soaked in a special chemical solution.

This helps break down stubborn grime and mould that regular cleaning can’t touch.

Next comes scrubbing fan blades and washing out filters to clear away all traces of dirt. The team also flushes out drainage pipes to stop leaks and overflows. With everything sparkling clean, your air conditioning will run smoother than before.

Remembering these steps shows us that thorough cleaning does more than just freshen up; it keeps every part of your system in top shape for better health and efficiency at home.

Identifying When Your Aircon Needs a Chemical Wash

Knowing when to opt for a chemical wash is critical for maintaining your aircon’s efficiency and ensuring the longevity of the unit. Recognising certain warning signs can be a clear indication that it’s time for this comprehensive type of cleaning, which goes beyond regular maintenance to address deeper issues within your system.

Signs of aircon leaking water

Your air conditioner should not leak water. A chemical wash can fix this issue. Here’s how to identify if your aircon has a water leak:

  • Puddles or drips appear under the unit.
  • Water marks are visible on walls.
  • Your aircon filter looks clogged.
  • The aircon maintenance light blinks often.
  • Mold starts growing around the aircon area.
  • Air flow seems weaker than usual.

Aircon is not cold

Air conditioners not giving off cold air signal a problem. It often means it’s time for a chemical wash.

  • A clogged air filter can block cool air. The chemical wash will clean this out.
  • Dirty coils cannot transfer heat well. Chemical washing will remove the dirt.
  • Low refrigerant levels may be the issue. This needs refilling during service.
  • Dust in the aircon can stop parts from moving freely. A thorough clean is needed.
  • The thermostat might not read temperatures correctly. Servicing includes calibration.
  • Blocked drain pipes cause water to leak back and affect cooling. These need clearing out.
  • Regular use leads to wear on components. Chemical washing helps to maintain them.
  • Mould and bacteria inside the unit can lead to health risks like allergies. Cleaning removes these hazards and improves air quality.

Aircon is emitting a foul smell

Your aircon should smell fresh. If it starts giving off a bad smell, it might need a chemical clean.

  • Mold and bacteria can grow inside your aircon. They create unpleasant odors.
  • A dirty filter can cause smells too. It traps dust and particles that stink when they build up.
  • Blocked drainage pipes allow water to sit. This water can become smelly over time.
  • Stagnant water in drip trays is also a problem. It becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

The Importance and Benefits of Regular Chemical Cleaning

Regular chemical cleaning keeps your aircon running smoothly. It helps to avoid costly repairs by catching problems early. Dust and dirt can build up in the system over time. This makes the aircon work harder, using more electricity.

Regular cleaning reduces power consumption and saves money on bills.

Clean air conditioners are energy efficient and reliable. They give out clean air which is vital for good health. Without regular chemical washes, moulds and bacteria can grow inside, causing bad smells and allergic reactions.

A clean system also provides strong airflow that cools a room quickly without extra strain on the compressor. This means you feel comfortable sooner while your machine stays in top shape for longer.

Aircon servicing improves overall performance too; it makes an old unit run like new again by restoring capacity to cool or heat as intended by its design specifications – extending lifespan significantly when conducted regularly with thoroughness expected from professional teams equipped appropriate skills necessary undertaking such tasks effectively ensuring components within operate optimally always!


Keeping your air conditioner in top shape means watching out for signs that it needs a chemical wash. Remember, clean aircons work better and last longer. Make sure you get them checked if they start to leak, smell, or can’t cool like before.

A good chemical clean can save money on bills and keep the air fresh at home. Look after your aircon, and it will look after you!


1. What signs show my aircon needs a chemical wash?

Your aircon might need a chemical overhaul if you notice weak airflow, strange noises from the air conditioning compressors, or an unpleasant smell when it’s running.

2. Why is preventive maintenance important for my air conditioner?

Regular preventive maintenance keeps your air conditioning system reliable and helps avoid sudden breakdowns that can be costly to fix.

3. Can a chemical wash improve the performance of my A/C?

Absolutely! A thorough chemical wash removes built-up grime and ensures that all parts of your air-conditioned space are working efficiently.

4. How often should I schedule an aircon chemical overhaul?

Experts recommend scheduling a chemical wash for your aircons every year to maintain optimal functionality and extend the life of your unit.

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