Choosing the Best Among Window Air Conditioners

Finding the right window air conditioner can make your home a cool retreat from summer heat. A window air conditioner cools off rooms by pulling in warm air, chilling it, and sending it back into the room.

Knowing what to look for is important when picking one out. You’ll want to think about how strong it needs to be, measured in BTUs.

For smaller spaces, you might see units with 5,000 to 12,000 BTUs. If you have a big room up to 800 sq ft like a living area or large bedroom, look for something around 14,000 BTUs.

An LG LW1517IVSM model priced at $610 at Lowe’s could be a good choice as it handles larger areas well.

You should also keep an eye on energy efficiency; some models have special ENERGY STAR ratings because they use less electricity which saves money over time. It’s key that you match your home’s electrical setup too; most plug into regular wall sockets but bigger ACs may need stronger circuits.

Taking care of your air conditioner means cleaning its filters and checking its parts once every year so it keeps running smoothly. Some places like Sylvane offer help choosing the right AC plus perks like free shipping and even money back if you’re not happy with what you buy.

When putting in your new AC unit make sure it fits snugly into your windows or custom space using proper mounting gear provided with the unit. With all this knowledge lined up let’s explore some top choices! Keep reading for cool comfort ahead.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Window Air Conditioner

Selecting the right window air conditioner requires a keen understanding of various critical attributes that ensure comfort and efficiency. Key elements such as cooling power, ease of installation, energy consumption, upkeep demands, and compatibility with your home’s electrical system all play pivotal roles in determining the best unit for your personal oasis.

Cooling Capacity

Cooling capacity is a key factor in choosing a window air conditioner. It’s measured in British thermal units (BTUs). Small rooms need 5,000 to 12,000 BTUs while larger areas require up to 14,000 BTUs.

Use the Energy Star website tool to find out how many BTUs you need for your room size.

Pick an air conditioner with the right number of BTUs. Too few won’t cool your room well. Too many will use extra energy without better results. For maximum savings, look for an air conditioning unit with an energy efficiency ratio (EER) of at least 10.0 as recommended by the U.S Department of Energy.


Installing a window air conditioner is usually straightforward. You’ll need a suitable double-hung window or a custom wall space ready for the AC unit. Make sure your electrical system can handle the device’s power requirements.

Most units come with an installation kit, including side panels to block out drafts and hardware to secure the unit in place. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t forget to stabilise the AC properly to prevent accidents.

Moving on, energy efficiency is another crucial factor..

Energy Efficiency

To choose an energy-efficient window air conditioner, look for the Energy Star label. This label means the unit meets strict guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

An air conditioner with this label will use less electricity and save you money on your power bills. Another important feature is the energy-efficiency ratio (EER). Higher EER numbers mean a more efficient air conditioner.

Models like the LG LW1517IVSM come with multi-speed compressors that adjust cooling output to suit your needs. It cuts down on energy waste and reduces costs. Midea’s MAW12V1QWT also boasts an inverter compressor, which fine-tunes performance, boosting efficiency even further.

Features like smart thermostats and eco modes help manage temperatures without excess expenditure of power. These advances let you enjoy cool air while keeping energy usage low.


Keep your window air conditioner running smoothly with regular upkeep. Make sure to clean the unit at least once a year; this will help it cool more efficiently and last longer. Start by vacuuming the air filter to remove any dust or allergens.

If you notice bent fins, straighten them carefully. Listen for rattling sounds that might indicate loose parts inside the AC. Fix these issues promptly to ensure your room stays cool without interruption.

Proper maintenance not only improves performance but also maintains indoor air quality, crucial for those with allergies or asthma. Moving forward, consider the electrical requirements of an air conditioner before making your purchase.

Electrical Requirements

Check the electrical requirements of a window air conditioner before buying it. Most room air conditioners work with 115V, 125V, or 220V circuits. Larger ACs need more power and may require a 220V outlet.

Look at the specs to find out what voltage your chosen A/C needs. Make sure it matches your home sockets.

Some big window units use special plugs that fit certain outlets. If you pick an air conditioner with over 15,000 BTUs, plan for extra wiring or get help from an electrician. Each plug type has a NEMA classification listed in the product’s details.

Double-check this to avoid mistakes during installation.

Best Overall: LG LW1517IVSM Window Air Conditioner

The LG LW1517IVSM stands out as the premier choice for a window air conditioner, offering a powerful yet efficient cooling solution. This unit combines modern design with advanced features to deliver unrivalled comfort and control in home climate management.

Features & Description (LG LW1517IVSM Window Air Conditioner)

LG LW1517IVSM is a powerful window air conditioner designed for keeping large rooms comfortably cool. It boasts a 14,000 BTU capacity, ideal for spaces up to 800 square feet. This model stands out with its high Combined Energy-Efficiency Ratio (CEER) of 14.7, making it an energy-saving choice for consumers.

It’s also equipped with smart features that allow control via remote or voice commands through devices like Google Assistant.

This air conditioner not only cools but also removes moisture from the air, helping to reduce humidity levels in your home. Its efficient dehumidification process can make even the muggiest days feel more comfortable.

With user-friendly controls and LED light indicators, operating this LG unit is straightforward and trouble-free.

LG has included advanced technologies in this model to ensure it remains as quiet as possible during use. Lower noise levels mean you won’t be disturbed while you work from home or relax after a long day.

The LW1517IVSM is part of LG’s commitment to comfort, combining efficient cooling with convenient modern technology in one reliable package available for purchase at Lowe’s.

Pros & Cons (LG LW1517IVSM Window Air Conditioner)

Moving from the innovative features of the LG LW1517IVSM Window Air Conditioner, we now assess its advantages and drawbacks to help you make an informed decision.

Remarkable energy efficiency with a CEER of 14.7Premium pricing at $610
Generous cooling area of 800 sq ft, suitable for large spacesMay require a professional for installation due to size and weight
High cooling capacity of 14,000 BTUHigher energy consumption than smaller units
Smart features for convenient control and operationRequires regular maintenance for optimal performance
Enhanced user experience with low operational noiseSome users may find the smart features unnecessary and prefer a simpler machine

Best for Medium-Sized Rooms: Midea MAW12V1QWT Window Air Conditioner

For those with medium-sized rooms seeking comfort and efficiency, the Midea MAW12V1QWT Window Air Conditioner emerges as a top contender. This unit blends powerful cooling capabilities with user-friendly features to enhance your living space’s ambiance without compromising on performance.

Features & Description (Midea MAW12V1QWT Window Air Conditioner)

The Midea MAW12V1QWT window air conditioner is a top pick for medium-sized rooms. It offers a powerful 8,000 BTUs, enough to cool an area of 550 sq ft efficiently. Measuring just 19 x 21.5 x 13.5 inches and weighing in at 71.8 lbs, this unit packs a punch without taking up too much space.

Unique with its U-shaped design, it allows you to close the window fully which enhances security and quiet operation.

This air conditioner features innovative technology like the energy-saving inverter compressor and multi-speed settings that tailor cooling performance to your needs. The phenomenal CEER rating of 15 points towards remarkable energy efficiency.

Operating at whisper-quiet levels ensures peaceful environments for work or rest, so you won’t be disturbed by loud humming from your AC unit as it works hard to keep you comfortable on hot days.

Pros & Cons (Midea MAW12V1QWT Window Air Conditioner)

Evaluating the Midea MAW12V1QWT Window Air Conditioner involves weighing the advantages and disadvantages to determine its suitability for medium-sized rooms. Below is a summary of its pros and cons.

Boasts a robust cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU, ideal for spaces up to 550 sq ft.At 72.8 lbs, its weight may require additional support or a helping hand during installation.
Energy efficiency is enhanced by a CEER of 12.2, contributing to lower electricity bills.Some users might find the interface less intuitive compared to other models.
Includes a 24-hour programmable timer and a sleep mode, offering convenience and further energy savings.Window size compatibility may limit installation options – suitable for windows 23″ to 36″ wide only.
Comes equipped with a washable air filter, promoting healthier air by reducing bacteria and odours.Operational noise, although relatively quiet, might still be noticeable in very quiet environments.
Installation process is described as quick and easy, thanks to the included kit.For some, its design might not blend seamlessly with all room aesthetics.

Next, let’s delve into the quiet operation of the Whirlpool WHAW081BW Window Air Conditioner, a feature many users prioritise in their selection process.

Quietest: Whirlpool WHAW081BW Window Air Conditioner

For those who value a peaceful environment, the Whirlpool WHAW081BW Window Air Conditioner stands out with its whisper-quiet operation. Its low decibel rating ensures that you can enjoy cool comfort without intrusive noise disrupting your home or office tranquility.

Features & Description (Whirlpool WHAW081BW Window Air Conditioner)

The Whirlpool WHAW081BW Window Air Conditioner packs a powerful punch with its 8,000 BTU capacity. It efficiently cools spaces up to 350 square feet, making it ideal for medium-sized rooms.

Measuring at just 47.24 x 43.18 x 33.78 cm and weighing 22.95 kg, this compact air conditioner fits snugly into most standard windows.

This model stands out with its impressive CEER of 12, highlighting its energy efficiency among other window units. Users seeking a quieter cooling experience will appreciate the low decibel rating that doesn’t interrupt daily life.

The unit also boasts convenient features such as remote control operation and multiple airflow settings to keep your space comfortably cool without excessive noise.

Pros & Cons (Whirlpool WHAW081BW Window Air Conditioner)

Understanding the advantages and drawbacks of the Whirlpool WHAW081BW window air conditioner is essential to making an informed purchase decision. This model, noted for its value and performance, offers a CEER of 12 and is priced competitively at $350 at Walmart.

Affordably priced at $350, making it an excellent value for budget-conscious buyersLower CEER of 12, which means it is less energy efficient compared to models like the MIDEA MAW12V1QWT with a CEER of 15
Effective cooling for its price, offering good performance for small to medium-sized roomsSome users may find the operational noise level higher than the quietest models available
Comes from a reputable brand known for reliability and customer serviceFeatures may be more basic when compared to premium models with higher price tags
User-friendly controls and easy installation processMay require additional support or tools for window installation depending on window design
Walmart’s availability ensures easy purchase and potential for extended warranty or return optionsDesign may not be as sleek or modern as some other models on the market

It’s clear that the Whirlpool WHAW081BW offers a balance between cost and functionality, but potential buyers should weigh its energy efficiency and feature set against their individual needs and room size.

How to Install and Operate Your Room Air Conditioner

Installing and operating a window air conditioner can be easy if you follow the right steps. Here’s how to get your room cool and comfortable.

  • Measure your window to ensure the air conditioner will fit. Check the width and height of the space.
  • Read the user manual for any specific requirements your model has.
  • Open the window and clean the area where you’ll place the unit. Remove any dirt from the window frame.
  • Attach any mounting brackets that came with your air conditioner. These will support its weight.
  • Slide the air conditioner into place in the open window. Make sure it sits securely on the brackets.
  • Lower the window onto the top of the unit to hold it down. This creates a seal that stops warm air from entering.
  • Use weather stripping around gaps to insulate and secure your air conditioner better. It also keeps bugs out!
  • Plug in your air conditioner once it’s secured. All electrical connections must meet local codes.
  • Turn on your new unit with its power button or remote control. Choose your desired settings for temperature and fan speed.
  • Schedule regular maintenance, like cleaning or replacing filters, to keep your unit running well.


Picking the right window air conditioner matters for your comfort at home. Remember to check the unit’s BTU rating and make sure it fits your room size. Look for energy-efficient models to save on bills.

Choose one that’s easy to install and operate. Enjoy a cooler space with the perfect air conditioner for you!

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If you’re interested in alternative cooling options, be sure to read our detailed guide on the unique features of split air conditioners.


1. What does ‘Energy Star rated’ mean for window air conditioners?

Energy Star rated means the air conditioner meets strict energy efficiency guidelines. These units save power and are better for the environment.

2. How do BTUs affect choosing a window air conditioner?

BTUs, or British Thermal Units, measure how much heat an air conditioner can remove from a room. Larger rooms need units with more BTUs to cool effectively.

3. Can I get a window air conditioner that also heats my room?

Yes, some window-unit air conditioners have a heat pump feature allowing them to both cool and dehumidify in summer and warm up your space in winter.

4. Should I consider noise levels when selecting an air-conditioner?

Absolutely! Check the unit’s decibel rating with a decibel meter if you want quiet operation, especially for bedrooms or study areas.

5. Are there special features available for modern window air conditioners?

Modern models may come with voice control through smart speakers, humidity control settings, and even connections to send alerts to your inbox or via SMS messages.

6. What should people with allergies look for in an AC unit’s filter system?

Those with allergies should look for high-quality filters like HEPA filters in their AC units as they can trap allergens ensuring clean air is circulated inside the home.

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